Social Impact of Industrial Activities

1. Pioneering Effort: Improved living standard for small farmers

Direct Beneficiaries
General benefits to the society
PVC Piping System
169.7 lac
Saving in maintenance cost, consumption of water, long life of system and larger area under irrigation
Micro Irrigation System
28 lac
Rs. 15,000 additional income of per ha/per year,
50-70% more area under irrigation
Jain Hi-Tech Agri Institute
2.74 lac
Training, Awareness & Agronomic Support, Empowerment for all the stakeholders
1.95 Lacs
Higher farm productivity & farm incomes, assured returns
Banana Tissue Culture
Rs. 50,000 or more income per hectare. Uniform bunches of higher weight and early maturity, Doubling of GDP.
Contract Farmers
Market or contract price whichever is higher, value addition & higher realization

2. Trend Setting: Increased Industrial Activity

PVC Piping Systems
450 entrepreneurs
Profitable self-employment & secondary employment generation with cascading effect
Micro Irrigation System 
150 entrepreneurs
Tissue Culture
96 entrepreneurs

3. Social Commitment: Indirect Employment for Empowerment and self-reliance

Semi-skilled labour
12,000 (PVC Piping)
6,000 (Micro Irrigation)
Direct assured employment in plants and factories.
Technical Manpower
Assured self-employment
Farm hands
225 lacs
Improved land use and cropping intensity leading to doubling of assured employment in agriculture.

4. Meeting National Priority: Water Conservation

Saving per annum
Total Saving
Monetary Impact
PVC Piping
15% to 20%
56.85 billion liters
Rs. 568.50 Crores
Micro Irrigation Systems
50% to 100%
3695.00 billion liters
Rs. 36950.00 Crores
3751.85 billion liters
Rs. 37518.50 Crores

5. Serving National Need: Envergy Conservation

Saving per annum
Total Saving
Monetary Impact
PVC Piping /Foot Valves
630.00 million kwhrs
Rs. 158.20 Crores
Micro Irrigation Systems
365.00 million kwhrs
Rs. 91.35 Crores
Solar Water Heating
1200 kwh/household
31.64 million kwhrs
Rs. 7.84 Crores
1026.64 million kwhrs
Rs. 257.39 Crores

6. Invaluable Contribution: Developing Integrated Agri Value Chain

   * Rainwater Harvesting V Wasteland Reclamation
   * Bio-Pesticides, Bio-Fertilizers and Organic Farming
   * Afforestation & Green Cover for Environment Improvement
   * Processing & Exports of Fruits & Vegetables
   * Empowerment of Human Resources.




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