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With immense grief and unparalleled sadness we inform that our beloved Founder Chairman Shri Bhavarlal Hiralal Jain (Age 79) passed away on 25th February 2016, after a brief illness at a hospital in Mumbai.
He was a man of small ideas which created big revolutions. He practiced what he preached and he built his entire business on a foundation of inclusiveness and sustainability over the last five decades.
He believed small farmers are entrepreneurs and they must get dignity as well as higher income. He toiled hard to ensure the same to over 5 million farmers. He was a visionary and "Karmayogi". We pledge to walk on the path envisioned by him forever.
The small town entrepreneur who established a billion dollar, rural, multinational corporation. A spirited champion of the small farmer; whom he saw as nobly toiling in the face of all adversity. A committed environmentalist and compassionate social worker - is no more!
Bhavarlal Hiralal Jain, ‘Bhau’ to all his innumerable friends & associates, passed away after a brief illness in Mumbai on 25th February 2016.
How can mere words describe this multifaceted man? A son of the soil, who by sheer dint of hard work, bravely facing penury, rose to head the world’s second largest drip irrigation company. Whose pioneering work in the farming sector is unparalleled by any single individual in this country’s history. Who brought the latest and most relevant technology to the small and marginal farmers and always ensured that all his business was done ethically and with a conscience. That whatever technology was brought, could be adapted for small farm holdings. Further, he constantly innovated with these technologies to make them affordable and within their reach.
A man who never shied away from work, a man who genuinely believed that there was nothing better than to work for a person. Not doing anything was anathema to him. If it was not work in the JISL factory, or the R&D farm, then it was social work. Education was very close to his heart. He believed in nurturing the young with good education and sound values. Values that have stood the test of time, but are slowly and surely being eroded by the influence of Western culture on our youth.
The residential school, Anubhuti that he established in Jalgaon, followed modern teaching methods, curriculum and offered an international quality of education, but retained many Indian customs & values seen in our Gurukul.
He firmly believed that economic conditions should not prevent deserving children from getting a good education. This prompted him to start another school for children whose parents live below the poverty line. Today hundreds of bright youngsters, provided with free education, books, wholesome meals and all other necessities, bear witness to the faith he reposed in them and are blooming in their new environment.
His diminutive stature belied the immense reserves of strength that the man had. Seven heart attacks, two bypass surgeries, an angioplasty and cerebral stroke did not deter him from working an eight or ten hour day. Be it building and running of the Anubhuti School or the mammoth Gandhi Research Foundation. The latter he set up not just because he personally believed in the Mahatma’s teachings but also to ensure that the younger generation never forgets him or the timeless message of his life’s work.
A much sought after public speaker, he would hold his audience spellbound with his knowledge & eloquence on various subjects - be they work related, political or social. Without as much as a scrap of paper as an aide memoire, his prodigious memory could recall data, events or recount anecdotes and stories to enthrall, entertain or captivate his audiences.
Speaking extempore with such erudition and passion on agriculture for nearly an hour at the Harvard Business School during his last visit to the US, prompted Prof. Ray A. Goldberg, (George M. Moffett Professor of agriculture and business, Emeritus) calling him his brother! The professor later visited Jain Irrigation, Jalgaon with a delegation that included other professors and the Dean of Harvard Business School. The HBS today uses Jain as a case study for their graduate program.
There were so many subjects that he was committed to that he has written several books on them. His book on the ills of social structure written 20 years ago is as relevant today as it was then.
His book on his experiments and learnings with watershed management could well be used as a textbook by students and by the general public as the subject is so pertinent and his observations so simple to understand. His unique style of management has a thriving sustainable corporation, employing 10,000 associates, seamlessly working across five continents. This is reflected in his books - "An Entrepreneur Deciphered" & "The Enlightened Entrepreneur".
Perhaps the most touching story "Tee ani Mee", written in Marathi, Hindi & English on the relationship with his wife, stops from being just a charming sentimental account of his life with her, because of the underlying message that is woven skillfully into the narrative. A message of direction, a message of hope & encouragement to young couples entering matrimony. The book is in its third edition and has sold more than 1,20,000 copies in a few years.
Bhau’s unflagging energy has always amazed his younger colleagues and contemporaries. He was ever ready to adopt new technologies and enter new ventures. Particularly ventures that had a social impact and would benefit society. It was his company’s avowed policy to never get into any business that preyed upon the weaknesses or addictions of others. No matter how profitable they may be! Thus there was always an effort to do business that would have a positive impact on society - particularly the weaker sections of society.
His work & concern for the environment had its roots in the tenets of Jainism, which teaches one to protect and live in tune with nature. His herculean task of transforming Jain Hills and its environs into a fertile green paradise included planting millions of trees. Trees that were not just planted and abandoned to fend for them, but watered, nurtured and cared for. These efforts converted tracts of barren land into swathes of green and brought hectares of arid fallow land under cultivation.
Bhau’s sterling work on rainwater harvesting, watershed management and conservation is a landmark in the history of agriculture in this arid region of Khandesh. This and his contribution to agriculture have led universities to bestow four honorary doctorates and have won him numerous national and international awards. The prestigious Crawford Reid Award for promoting proper irrigation techniques has been given to only two Asians till date. More recently the nation recognized his work and awarded him the Padma Shri in 2008. He set up a huge Agri-Institute at Jain Hills with a faculty of agronomists and doctorates to train farmers from all over India and abroad on the latest farming methods.
He established one of the finest biotech labs, doing research in various fields of agriculture. A few years ago this resulted in one of the most socially impactful ventures-tissue culture banana, strawberry and pomegranate plantlets. Here again farmers from across the country have seen their incomes grow exponentially because of the phenomenal yield from these plants. Such thinking had elevated him to be considered a thought leader internationally.
As we bid farewell to this towering visionary, our hearts are gladdened with the thought that even if he is no more with us, we inherit his legacy of tireless work and love for the environment, which he has planted in each and every one of us.

लेखक/कवी – श्री. किरण रमेश पंडीत (सुशिला)

मुंबई (इम्पोर्ट डिपार्टमेंट)

असा हा कृषी जगातील तारा !!

असा हा कृषी जगातील तारा !!
एक छोट्या वाकोद गावी अवतरला।
बघता बघता साऱ्या विश्वाला,
व्यापुन गेला, व्यापुन गेला, व्यापुन गेला...
असा हा कृषी जगातील तारा !!
काय गाऊ तयाची गाथा
खुप-खुप काबाडकष्ट, मेहनत
प्रामाणिकपणे कठीण प्रसंगांना
सामोरे गेला, सामोरे गेला, सामोरे गेला...
असा हा कृषी जगातील तारा !!
सगळ्यांना हवा हवा असणारा
साऱ्यांवर प्रेम करणारा, आपलेसे करणारा,
लहान मोठ्यांना सर्व समान समजणारा।।
सगळ्यांमध्ये मनमोकळेपणे वावरणारा, वावरणारा, वावरणारा...
असा हा कृषी जगातील तारा !!
अनेक नवीन शोधांचा पराक्रम गाजविणारा,
कधी ठिबक सिंचन, कधी सौर ऊर्जा करून,
शेती आणि शेतकऱ्याला नवा जन्म देणारा,
नवा जन्म देणारा, नवा जन्म देणारा...
असा हा कृषी जगातील तारा !!
फक्त भारतात थांबला नाही,
खेड्यापाड्यातून, गावागावातून,
साऱ्या विश्वाला, जगाला गवसणी घालणारा,
गवसणी घालणारा, गवसणी घालणारा...
असा हा कृषी जगातील तारा !!
अशा ताऱ्याला नशिबाची साथ तर लाभलीच।
पण खऱ्या जीवनसाथी,
आदरणीय कांताबाई यांची साथ,
लाभली, साथ लाभली, साथ लाभली...
असा हा कृषी जगातील तारा !!
असा हा लखलखणारा दिव्य तारा,
दिनांक २५/०२/२०१६ आपल्या सगळ्यांना,
सोडून आपल्या स्थानावर विराजमान झाला ।।
विराजमान झाला , विराजमान झाला, विराजमान झाला...
असा हा कृषी जगातील तारा !!
पण कोण म्हणतो हा तारा आमच्यामध्ये नाही।
आजही रात्री चांदण्यांच्या प्रकाशात,
स्वच्छ आकाशामध्ये आम्हाला।।
भाऊंचं विश्व दिसतं, भाऊंचं विश्व दिसतं, भाऊंचं विश्व दिसतं...

Ravi Chandran
Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu
Wish Shri #Bhanvarlalji Jain, the great visionary who transformed Indian agriculture by enabling us to make the best use of scarce resources&bringing everlasting smile in the face of farmers be honoured with #BharthRathna It would be a great honour to the entire farming community

संजीव वेलणकर
पुणे, 9422301733
आज जळगावचे नाव जगाच्या नकाशावर नेणारे जळगावचे थोर भूमिपुत्र आणि जैन उद्योग समूहाचे संस्थापक पद्मश्री डॉ.भवरलालजी हिरालालजी जैन यांचा पाचवा स्मृतिदिन...
जन्म. १२ डिसेंबर १९३७ जळगावपासून ५० कि.मी. अंतरावर असलेल्या वाकोद या छोट्याशा गावी. कृषिविषयक आणि सामाजिक कार्यामुळे लाखोंचा पोशिंदा झालेले भवरलाल जैन यांनी खास खानदेशी भाषेत संबोधित केलं जाणारं ‘भाऊ’ हेच जिव्हाळ्याचं नातं सर्वांशी निर्माण केलं. भवरलाल जैन यांचे दहावीपर्यंत शिक्षण आर. आर. हायस्कूलमध्ये तर बी. कॉम, एलएल.बी. मुंबई विद्यापीठातून केले. महाराष्ट्राची औद्योगिक प्रगती जेव्हा मुंबई-पुण्यापलिकडे जात नव्हती, तेव्हा भवरलाल जैन यांनी स्वत:च्या औद्योगिक साम्राज्याचा पाया जळगावात रचला. शेती, शेतकरी आणि शेती संबंधित उद्योगात त्यांनी आपली बांधिलकी मानत पाश्चिमात्य देशातले तंत्रज्ञान डोळसपणाने भारतीय मुशीत घालून ते शेतकऱ्यांना उपलब्ध करून दिले. स्वत: शेतकरी असल्याने आणि पिढ्यान्पिढ्या शेती करणाऱ्या घरात जन्म घेतल्याने त्या व्यवसायाशी त्यांची नाळ उत्तमरित्या जुळली होती. त्यांनी प्रथम शेतीमध्ये लागणाऱ्या म्हणजे खते, बी-बियाणे, जंतुनाशके, ट्रॅक्टर्स यांच्या जोडीला रॉकेल, डिझेल, पेट्रोल, गॅस यांचा व्यापार केला. कच्च्या पपईमधील चिकातून काढलेल्या पेपेन या एन्झाइमची निर्यात करून उद्योजक-कारखानदार म्हणून पदार्पण केले. पीव्हीसी पाइप्स, ठिबक सिंचन, एचडीपीई पाइप्स, पीव्हीसी शीटस् अशा उत्पादनांच्या साहाय्याने त्यांच्या उद्योगाचा विस्तार झाला, निर्यातही वाढत गेली. उती संवर्धनाने केळी पिकाला नवसंजीवनी मिळाली, तर सौरबंब आणि जैन ज्योत या उत्पादनांनी सौरऊर्जेवरील उत्पादनांमध्ये नवे दालन उघडले. कांदा निर्जलीकरणाची अन्नप्रक्रिया करून त्यांच्या गराची, सरांची, अर्काची निर्यात वाढवली. या एकूणच कामाचा सन्मान करत जैन इरिगेशनला फॉर्च्युनचा सन्मान प्राप्त झाला होता. जगभरातील निवडक ५१ कंपन्यांच्या मानांकनात कंपनीचा ७ वा क्रमांक होता. भवरलाल जैन यांनी १९८० साली पीव्हीसी पाईप निर्मितीची कंपनी सुरू केली. इतकेच नव्हे तर ९० च्या दशकात त्यांची संपूर्ण भारतात सूक्ष्म जलसिंचनाची संकल्पना रुजवली. जैन उद्योग समूह १२६ देशात विस्तारीत झाला असून आठ हजार कोटींहून अधिक वार्षिक उलाढाल आहे. उद्योगाबरोबरच सामाजिक, शैक्षणिक व सांस्कृतिक क्षेत्रातही त्यांनी काम करीत आपली सामाजिक बांधिलकी जोपासली. जळगावच्या जैन हिल्समध्ये त्यांनी दोन लाख चौरस फूट जागेवर गांधी तीर्थची उभारणी केली. त्यात गांधीजींनी लिहिलेली मूळ पत्रे, ग्रंथसंपदा, त्यांच्यावर इतरांनी लिहिलेल्या पुस्तकांच्या मूळ प्रती, ७३५० पुस्तकांचा संग्रह, ४०१९ छायाचित्रे व चलचित्रे, १३८ भाषणे, १ लाख ७५ हजार मूळ कागदपत्रे, १९३६ मध्ये जळगाव जिल्ह्यातील फैजपूर येथे झालेल्या अधिवेशनात महात्मा गांधी यांनी वापरलेल्या वस्तू यांचा संग्रह त्यांनी उभारला.भवरलाल जैन यांनी मराठी, इंग्रजी भाषेत अनेक पुस्तके लिहिली.त्यांचे ‘ती आणि मी’ हे पत्नीवर लिहिलेले मराठीतील पहिले आत्मकथनपर हृदगत वाचकांच्या पसंतीस उतरले. अवघ्या सहा वर्षात एक लाखाहून अधिक प्रती वाचकांपर्यंत पोहोचल्या. निसर्गकवी ना. धों. महानोर यांच्याशी त्यांची बालपणापासून खास मैत्री. साहित्य क्षेत्रातील, सांस्कृतिक क्षेत्रातील तसेच राजकीय क्षेत्रातील अनेक मान्यवरांसोबत त्यांचे स्नेहाचे संबंध होते किंबहुना सर्वच राजकीय पक्षांच्या अनेक नेत्यांशी त्यांची मैत्री होती. कृषी क्षेत्रातील उल्लेखनीय कार्यासाठी त्यांना विविध पुरस्कारांनी सन्मानित करण्यात आले होते. १९९७ मध्ये जैन यांना प्रतिष्ठेच्या 'क्रॉफर्ड रीड मेमोरीयल' या पुरस्काराने सन्मानित करण्यात आले होते. अमेरिकन पुरस्कार मिळवणारे ते पहिले भारतीय आणि दुसरे आशियाई व्यक्ती होत. २००८ मध्ये भारत सरकारने त्यांना ‘पद्मश्री’देऊन गौरविले होते. शैक्षणिक क्षेत्रात त्यांनी आधुनिक आश्रमशाळा वाटावी आणि शिक्षणाबरोबरच संस्कार घडावे या हेतूने अनुभूतीसारखी इंग्रजी माध्यमाची शाळा काढून आपली वेगळी ओळख निर्माण केली होती. भवरलाल जैन यांनी दिनांक २५ फेब्रुवारी २०१६ रोजी या जगाचा निरोप घेतला.

Dr. Subra
It is with profound happiness and joy beyond any boundaries, that we remember our most beloved Bade Bhau on his 83rd Birthday today.
It’s an understatement to say that 2020 has been a year of change and unexpected challenges. 2020 has been a year for the history books!
We’ll be talking about what happened this year for decades to come...But what kind of story will we all tell?
I want to express my story in the form of feelings from Bade Bhau’s teachings and inspirations as it is a life-time experience to cherish forever...

Bade Bhau would gently smile
Say words to soothe
Grip hands to affirm
His trust, his faith
To transmit energy
All these conveyed how much he cared for all of us!

Bade Bhau firmly believed that
"The secret of life is to make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks"

Bade Bhau has taught us that to be shaken
Is not to be broken
In the arena of micro irrigation & allied areas
Bade Bhau strode like a colossus!

Bade Bhau has taught us that destiny is not
The slope of the valley
But, guided by the stars
Is to claw up the climb
In the stillness of the night
To an applauding world!

May the above story be the guiding force to see possibilities, recognize opportunities, and take optimistic action that will help us achieve our goals in 2021!!!
Let the spirit of Bade Bhau’s saga of unparalleled inspiration move through each and every branch of our nerve; flow in our blood vessels softly, and guide us towards the path of success and prosperity.
We all love our Bade Bhau from the bottom of our hearts. Happy Birthday to Bade Bhau!!

कृषीमित्र इरिगेशन,बिलोली.
ग्लोबल अग्रो लींके सर्विसेस, नांदेड., 9822666663,9370666663
उद्यमेन हि सिध्यन्ति कार्याणि न मनोरथैः अर्थात — संसार में कोई कार्य मात्र सोचने भर से पूरा नही हो जाता, बल्कि कार्य की पूर्ति के लिये निरंतर कठोर परिश्रम करना पड़ता है,
किसी ने सख्त पहाड़ तोड़ कर लोगो के लिए रास्ता बनाया तो बड़े भाऊ जैसे कर्मयोगी ने बंजर पहाड़ को सुजलाम- सुफलाम करने का रास्ता दुनिया को दिखाया, बड़े भाऊ में अपने कार्य व संकल्प के प्रति दृढ़ प्रतिबद्धता थी, उनका अपना एक अलग ही व्यक्तिमत्व था,
बड़े भाऊ के इन गुणों को हर कोई समझना ओर सीखना चाहता था, देश से ही नही विदेशो से भी लोग उनसे मिलने और सिखने की इच्छा से आते थे ओर उन्हें चलता फिरता विद्यापीठ की संज्ञा देते थे,
उनकी लगन, जिद्द, कठोर परिश्रम, अनुसाशन, सकारात्मकता, धैर्य जैसे गुणों को आप भी अपने मे समाहित या आत्मसात कर अपनी क्षमता का विकास करना चाहते है तो बड़े भाऊ की अनेक किताबे उपलब्ध है* समाचार पत्र व यू ट्यूब पर उनके सैकड़ो इंटरव्यू मौजूद है, इस शब्दरूपी ज्ञान को पढ़ कर देख सुन कर अपनी कार्यक्षमता व सोच का दायरा बड़ा सकते है,
बड़े भाऊ की जयंती निमित्त, मै खुद को गौरवान्वित महसूस करता हूं की मै उस संस्था का हिस्सा हूं जिस संस्था ने कठोर परिश्रम के द्वारा सफलता प्राप्त करी है,

श्याम उपाध्याय एवं परिवार
हमारे परिवार के सरक्षंक बड़े भाऊ के अवतरण दिवस पर बहुत बहुत प्रणाम कर सदैव आशिष एंव आशिर्वाद की चाहत करते रहेंगे।
याद करें वे अपने समय के सबसे बड़े वीर कर्म योगी योद्धा थे जिन्होंने समय की प्रतिकूलताओं को अनूकुल कर साहस के साथ सबको मात दी।
अग्रणी भूमिका निभाते हुए अपने क्षेत्र के प्रमुख एवं प्रथम व्यक्ति बन कर इतिहास रच दिया। ऐसे कर्म योगी को उपाध्याय परिवार श्रद्धा पूर्वक नमन करता है।

किरण रमेश पंडित,
इम्पोर्ट डिपार्टमेंट, जैन इरिगेशन-मुंबई, 9922155235


चांदण्या शिवाय आकाशाला शोभा नाही, चंद्राला प्रकाशा शिवाय सुंदरता नाही.
तेजा शिवाय सूर्याचा उपयोग नाही, आभाळाला जमिनी शिवाय आकार नाही.
जमिनीला झाडं-झुडपं दऱ्या-खोऱ्या शिवाय किंमत नाही, समुद्राला शंख-शिंपले मोती शिवाय किंमत नाही.
शेतीला जसे पाण्याशिवाय किंमत नाही, तसेच "भाऊ" आमच्या आयुष्याला तुमच्याशिवाय अर्थच नाही.





Shankar Naskar
It’s been four years to the day that Badebhau passed away. Since my first meeting with him at the Fort office in 1994, I had the opportunity to spend precious moments with him over the years, and those moments remain for me a treasure.
During a late afternoon meeting at Jain Hills on June 11, 2015, I asked him about how he had such tremendous drive, purpose, and intensity in his life. Badebhau smiled at me and responded with a question, "Shankar, have you read the commandments?" When I replied confidently and in the affirmative, he shook his head, smiled, and unequivocally indicated to me that I had not. I was puzzled, but knowing Badebhau, I realized that he was leading me to a more profound truth. He reached out for a printed sheet of paper and gave it to me. It had a list of the Paradoxical Commandments. As I began reading, he asked me to read aloud, which I did. Badebhau had me pause after each commandment and shared his perspective with an example or two, and it had an incredible impact on me. I retained his message, and over the years, when I have felt unfairly treated by life, I have gone back to the Paradoxical Commandments and Badebhau’s message and have always felt uplifted and inspired.
I can only humbly submit that Badebhau lives on in the hearts of those who were privileged to have met him and experienced the treasures of his thoughts, compassion, and knowledge.
My family joins me in remembering Badebhau and offering shradhanjali and respects to the great soul.

Satish Chaudhary

Those we love don’t go away.
They walk beside us every day,
Unknown, Unheard but always near still loved,
and Still missed, they are living in our Heart.


‘ स्व. भाऊ... एक अाठवण अविट साठवण ’





‘ अनेकांनी जाणलेले भाऊ ! ’


‘ Bhau, as others knew him! ’



‘ आमचे प्रेरणास्थान आदरणीय भवरलालजी जैन मोठे भाऊ यांच्या पवित्र स्मृतीस विनम्र अभिवादन। ’

त्रीमुर्ती - बारामती डीलर



‘हो! भाऊ तिथेच आहेत, जिथे पाखरं पाणी पिताहेत...’

अजित जैन, जैन इरिगेशन सिस्टम लि.
“कृषिसंस्कृतीत आनंद आहे, सृजन आहे, संवर्धन आहे....

Dnyan Mayur

The Second Green Revolution
Watching the Republic Day Parade this morning. The beauty of India’s rich and diverse cultures is visible in one place in all its splendor in the colorful pageantry of the human kaleidoscope that is this spectacle.
As I continue to explore this amazing land, there is unmatched beauty to be found in its people and their traditional performing arts of classical music and dance, magnificent historic monuments, revered places of worship, gorgeous national parks and their varied flora and fauna and, of course, in the country’s incomparable gastronomic delights. And then there is the advent of technology visible in the ubiquitous mobile phones and IT parks, space missions and, certainly in the continued promise of the demographic dividend that is expected from its population more than half of which is below the age of thirty. And yet, despite all this, India is and remains an essentially agrarian society with more than seventy percent of its population living in rural areas and engaged in agricultural activities.
Happily, great things are happening in India in this most important part of the national economy thanks to the imagination and pioneering work of visionaries like Padmashree Bhavarlal Jain and his companies in Jalgaon.
Last weekend there, I had the opportunity of visiting the Jain Hills, the environment–friendly manufacturing hub and the nerve center of this conglomerate of a variety of high–tech, agri–based industries.
Bhavarlal Jain, affectionately known as "Bhau" whose first death anniversary falls on February 25, 2017 was a gifted entrepreneur and the founder chairman of Jain Irrigation Systems, now the second largest micro–irrigation company in the world.
This is of great significance. The goal of micro–irrigation is the revolutionary idea of maximizing crop per drop of water and this is of paramount importance in water–starved India.
Bhau was a giant among men, a rare human being as a thinker/philosopher, an industrialist, businessman, writer, advocate of the poor, social activist, a staunch Gandhian and a philanthropist. But above all, he was a true son of the soil. He prided in calling himself a farmer and tirelessly dedicated his formidable talents and energies to the education and uplifting of the farming community through innovative technology.
Since his sad demise last year, his four very able sons Ashok, Anil, Atul and Ajit are carrying out this mission with great enthusiasm and determination worthy of their illustrious father.
Bhau is aptly recognized as the father of the Second Green Revolution in India.
But his life story is an incredible tale of imagination, hard–work and a relentless pursuit of excellence.
Starting with humble beginnings in the dry, arid region of impoverished rural Maharashtra, Bhau built an empire of industries that optimize local resources to produce a range of agricultural products providing employment to over 10,000 people all over the world.
The products include, just to name a few – plastic pipes and sheets, Drip and Sprinkler irrigation systems, greenhouses, solar pumps, and facilities for tissue culture, hydroponics, food processing and extensive R&D pertaining to these products, all unmistakably related to agriculture .
The sprawling complex of the Jain irrigation is spread over an area of about 2000 acres on a hilly area outside the city of Jalgaon. This complex is a spectacularly master–planned township in itself with beautiful residences, offices, manufacturing plants and labs, healthcare, educational and training facilities, farms and gardens, independent utility systems and all necessary infrastructure, all carefully laid out amidst greenery that would be an envy of a verdant tropical forest.
Once just barren and essentially worthless hills, this area has now been converted into cultivable land of magnificent orchards and expansive manicured landscapes. This is paradise on earth. Everything is so neat, clean, lush, and top of the line.
Once upon a time, comparing the wealthy Western nations in frigid climates with impoverished but sunny India, it was said that: The West is cursed by God and nursed by man. And India is cursed by man and nursed by God. Well, not true anymore. At least not at Jain Hills where there is every evidence of Mother Nature being further nursed by man ever so lovingly.
But beyond its success in industry and business, the most impressive and distinguishing aspect of the Jain Group is its focus on the environment, renewable energy, social responsibility and employment of the latest technology wherever possible.
The culmination of the sense of social responsibility is evident in the exemplary social projects like the Anubhuti School which is dedicated to creating the leaders of tomorrow, the ultra–modern and essentially cost–free–for–the–needy eye clinic, and the monumental Gandhi Teerth & the Gandhi Research Foundation, undoubtedly the magnum opus of Bhau’s impressive career that spanned half a century.
The Gandhi Teerth, employing the latest world–class audio–visual technology is on par with if not better than the finest museums of London and Paris. Beyond its educational value, it is a place for reflection, meditation and worship. And finally, in the making is Bhau’s ultimate dream, the proposed one–of–its–kind University for Advanced Studies in agriculture and water resource management.
While much of this great work is happening quietly without fanfare, there is recognition and there are awards galore. Just for example, recently the University of Nebraska, globally renowned for quality education and research, and the Robert B. Daugherty Water for Food Institute honored Bhau for his lifetime achievement. They named their research project as "Bhavarlal Hiralal Jain– University of Nebraska Water for Food Collaborative Program," permanently. He was recognized for "his pioneering efforts starting a new green revolution through his achievements in effective research, sustainable use of natural resources by bringing together farmers, agronomists, scientists, technologists and industrialists for the same noble cause. The scientists joining the university will be honorably called as B. H. Jain Scholars".
Clearly, great things are happening even in the hinterlands of India. Companies like the Jain Group are doing transformational work. That is what India needs.
India is beautiful once we begin to look beyond the pollution, pot–holes and politicians.

Sudarshan Dangi

A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands now rest.God broke our hearts to prove to us..He only takes the best. He had the heart that cared completely. He had the smile that brought so much pleasure. He had the love that brought joy beyond measure.He touched our life as no one did. He left footprints on our hearts, and we will never be the same. Bhau is saying..... Don't grieve for me, for now I am free; I'm following the path God laid for me.But,I won't be far away, for life goes on. Just listen with your heart and you'll hear my love all around you. True. There is no power on earth that can neutralize the influence of a high, pure, simple and useful life.Bhau live in our hearts. He is immortal.

आनंद कोठडीया,
कृषीरत्न, ९४०४६९२२००

जैन समाजाला,धर्माला राष्ट्राला राज्याला लाभलेले अमृतफळ म्हणजेच भाऊ ते त्रिकाळ जीवंत कर्तुत्व,नेत्रुत्व,मातृत्व यांचा संगम म्हणजे भाऊ सम्यक चारित्र्य,ज्ञान दृष्टी म्हणजेच भाऊ प्रेम,संस्कार, सहृदयता सेवा सत्य अहिंसा म्हणजे भाऊ अपरिग्रहत्व परोपकार अन मानवता म्हणजेच भाऊ नवे वेध नवे शोध नवे बोध म्हणजेच भाऊ एक माणूस ऐक श्रावक अन ऐक कृपाछत्र म्हणजेच भाऊ " जैन आहे गांधीवादी आहे विज्ञानवादीही आहे अंधश्रद्धा विरोधी म्हणजेच भाऊ गरीबांना शिक्षण आरोग्य अन रोजगार देणार मसीहा म्हणजेच भाऊ "

आनंद कोठडीया,कृषीरत्न,

कृषी औद्योगिक क्रांतीचे शिल्पकार,शेती शेतकरी यांचा दृष्टां मार्गदर्शक आदरणीय कै.भवरलालजी जैन उर्फ भाऊ स्मृतीदिन,भावपूर्ण आदरांजली !!

आनंद कोठडीया,

अन कृषीक्रांतीच्या
वर्षाव तयांचाआपुल्या
तृतीय स्मृतिदिना
चारो दिशा !!

असा मोठा भाऊ
तोच अनुयायी
महात्मा गांधींचा
गौतम बुद्धाचा
तोच उदगाता
सत्य अहिंसा परोपकाराचा!!
साधी राहणी
विश्वव्यापी दृष्टी
अर्थात हीच तर
मोठया भाऊंची सृष्टी!!

शेतकऱयांचे कल्याण
ध्यास उद्योगाचा
जलनायक तो
क्रांतीपर्वाचा देशा
नायक तो
कृषी औद्योगिक पर्वाचा!!

विनम्र अभिवादन
आपणा तृतीय स्मृतीदीना
घुमतील शब्द आपल्या
कर्तृत्वाचे आसमंता!!

आनंद कोठडीया,

भाऊंची सृष्टी :अनुभूती एक अनुभव..................
भाऊ ,
एकच !
भवरलालजी जैन
मोठे भाऊ
साधा सरळ सहहृदयी
अपरिग्रहत्व अहिंसा सत्य
श्रमाला मोल देणारा
माणसाला माणूस म्हणून
कोणासही न दुखवणारा
एक भावधारी
गांधी अनुयायी
मानवतेचा पुजारी
माणुसकीचा अथांग सागर
भाऊंची सृष्टीवरील
त्यांच्या समाधी स्थळी
तेथील प्रत्येक कण कण
मातीचा साक्ष देतो
भवरलालजींच्या कर्तृत्वाची
अन दृष्टीची
सार्थक जीवनाची !!

आनंद कोठडीया

विज्ञान युगातील महात्म्यांचा एक थोर अनुयायी .........
मोठे भाऊ तथा आदरणीय भवरलालजी जैन,जळगाव यांच्या जीवनाचा मागोवा .........
मोठे भाऊ
एक माणूस
मोहनचंद करमचंद
अर्थातच महात्मा गांधी
जगप्रसिद्द शास्त्रज्ञ
म्हणून गेला
"महात्मा गांधी हा
मोठा माणूस या पृथ्वीतळावर होऊन गेला
हे कोणास खरं
वाटणार नाही
एकमेव असा महात्मा
पण त्याच मार्गावर
महात्मा गांधीजींना गुरू
मानून कार्यरत राहिला
तो म्हणजेच
मोठे भाऊ अर्थात
भवरलालजी जैन
सानेगुरुजी अन महात्मा
गांधी यांच्या पदस्पर्शाने
पुनीत भूमीत
जळगाव जिल्ह्यातच
भाऊंचा जन्म
तिथेच आपलं विश्व
हजारो मेल प्रवासाची
सुरवात प्रथम पावलानेच
त्याने प्रथम पाऊल
धैर्याने टाकलं
श्रमाचे आड उपसत
तो गांधी तत्वाने
निष्ठेने अखेरच्या श्वासापर्यंत
कार्यरत राहिला
कोणावर न विसंबता
शिस्त अन
काटकसरीने तो
कार्यरत राहिला
आपलं विश्व उभं
जैन तीर्थ
गांधी तीर्थ
कृषी तीर्थ!!
ते अवलोकन करताना
मंत्रमुग्ध होत राहतो
त्यात त्यांची प्रतिभा
जैनतत्वांवरील निष्ठा
शेती शेतकरी क्रांतीचा
दुष्काळा पर्याय
पाणी अमृततुल्य दृष्टी
याच विलोभनीय दर्शन
जैन हिलवर
त्यांचे समवेत
भाऊंची सृष्टी हे
त्यांच्या विलक्षण कर्तृत्वाच
असाधारण व्यक्तित्वाचं
दर्शन घडवत राहत
येथे आज स्पर्श होताच
मनांत तरंग उमटतात
येथे महात्मा गांधीजींचा
मोठे भाऊ अर्थातच
भावरलालजी जैन
समाधिस्त आहे
विश्वशांती अन विश्वकल्याणासाठी !
प्रेरणा देत आहेत
सत्याची अन सेवेची !!

आनंद कोठडीया,
कृषीरत्न, ९४०४६९२२००

गांधी तीर्थ एक प्रेरणा स्त्रोत्र एक अखंड ज्योत सतत वाहता झरा गांधी दर्शन व्यापकता कल्पकता प्रतिभा प्रगल्भता प्रज्ञा यांचा संगम भवरलाल जैन यांची निर्मिती योगदान पंण येथे महात्मा कोठे आहे? ना मंदिरात ना सभाग्रहात महात्मा दिसतात जिथे सामान्य बसतात उठतात तिथे बाहेर एक लानवर बसलेले आशा ठिकाणी की प्रत्येक जण थांबतो दर्शन घेतो त्यांच्या भजनात एकरूप होत जातो विकार मुक्त होण्याची शपथ घेतो अन शोधत राहतो बापूजीना सत्त्यात अहिंसेत सेवेत तत्वज्ञानात सुसंस्कारात अन धन्य होतो सहज होतो शिष्य बापूंजींचा यातच अनुभवा येतो भवरलाल जैन यांच्या दुरदृष्टीचा अन गांधीजींच्या महात्म्यातील अमृताचा !!

एम. बी. ओजथा

स्व श्री. भवरलालजी जैन का अद्भूत उद्यम, (विजन) दृष्टिकोण, दूरदृष्टि, परिश्रम आज साकार रूप से सामने देखने को मिला। कृषि के क्षेत्र में आगे बढ़कर भविष्य की योजनाये बनाना, उन्हें स्वयं के संसाधनों से मूर्तरूप देना निश्चित रुप से बहुत बड़े साहस का कार्य है। कर्मयोगी वितरण प्रतिमा। उनके बाद की पीढ़ी द्वारा इन आयामों, उद्योगों तथा संस्कारों को अनवरत बनाये रखना भी अनुकरणीय है। संस्था के कर्मचारियों द्वारा स्वामित्व की भावना के साथ अपने कार्य सम्पादन करना भी अच्छे संस्कारों का द्योतक है। यह औद्योगिक संस्थान निरन्तर प्रगति करें, भारतीय संस्कारों को उद्यमिता के क्षेत्र में आगे बढ़ाये, यहीं मेरी कामना है। श्री अजीत जैन सा. से मुलाकात हुई। उनका व्यक्तित्व बहुत ही प्रभावशाली है। उनकी सरलता, सहजता, बहुत प्रभावित करती है। शुभकामनायें

अॅड्. महिपती(भाऊ)निवृत्ती काळे, न्हावरे

आपण मला दिलेले "ती आणि मी" हे भवरलाल जैन लिखीत पुस्तक आत्ताच 00.25 वाजता वाचून झाले आहे. हे पुस्तक एक आत्मचरित्र आहे. लेखकाने आपल्या सहचरिणीबद्दल लिहिलेली वस्तुस्थिती आहे. पुस्तकातील एक व्यक्तीमत्व कै.सौ.कांताबाई भवरलाल जैन ही माता गेल्यानंतर जैन परीवाराला जे दुःख झाले तेवढेच दुःख माझ्या सारख्या वाचकाला झाले. पुस्तक वाचून झाल्यानंतर अक्षरशः माझ्या डोळ्यांतून पाणी आले. कै.सौ. कांताबाई जैन ह्यांच्या आत्म्याला चिरःशांती लाभो ही परमेश्वर चरणी प्रार्थना. भवरलाल भाऊ हे केवळ उद्योगपती च नाहीत तर खूप चांगले लेखक व साहित्यिक आहेत. माझ्या भावना जैन कुटुंबीयां पर्यंत पोहोचवाव्यात,अशी माझी विनंती आहे. धन्यवाद.

- Coimbtore.

Dear sir, Greetings. I was delighted to know that you are recovering fast post-surgery. I along with 50 people including farmers, industrialists and entrepreneurs from Palladam visited the Jain Campus last week. The group was amazed & astonished with the exemplary vision of our very own Bade Bhau, and had a lot of lifetime learnings from the tour of the facility. The group was impressed with the functioning of Anuboodhi school and the way it imparts experiential learning as a part of the curriculum to the students. They were also taken aback with the overall infrastructure and the ambience of the ecosystem, that persists in every part of the organisation. Everybody in the group appreciated the arrangements made, and I am thanking you for giving me this opportunity to taking forward the vision of Bhau to my home-town and even more!

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वंदे जैनम भावलोलम

Written by: B. Krishnakumar,
Sung by: Jaya Lakshmy

एक मूर्ती अनुभूतीची प्रयोगशीलतेची !

विनोद रापतवार, जैन उद्योग समूह, जळगाव

मोठ्या भाऊंचे स्मरण

सुधीर भोगंळे यांचे मोठ्या भाऊंचे स्मरण दिवसा निमित्त झालेल्या साहित्य संमेलनातील भाषण.

श्रद्धेय मोठ्याभाऊंना अतिशय भावलेली ही कविता

कवी - किशोर बळी



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