Agri Input Division
Tissue Culture Seedings, Organic Manure, Agricultural R&D
Agriculture , Horticulture, Nursery
Micro Irrigation Division
Drip Irrigation Systems, Sprinkler Irrigation Systems, Green/Poly Houses, Net Houses
Open Field Irrigation, Climate Control & Irrigation for Green/ Poly/Net House, Protected Cultivation, Turt/Landscape Irrigation, Dust Suppression, Turnkey Projects
Piping Division
PVC Pipes & Fittings, PE Pipes & Fittings, Well Casing & Screen, Column & Risers Pipe, Corrugated Pipe, Jain Plumbing Pipe
Drinking Water, Farm Irrigation, Plumbing, Sewerage, Effluents, Cable Ducting, Gas, Fluid Conveyance, Sub-Soil Dranage, Hand Pump, Tube/Bore Wells, Water Wells, Turnkey Projects
Food Division
Dehydrated Onion & Vegetables, Frozen (IQF) Fruits & Vegetables, Aseptic Fruit Purees and Concentrates, Frozen Fruit Purees and Concentrates, Clarified Juice and Concentrates, Canned Fruit Purees and Concentrates
Soups, Salad Dressing, Juices, Baby Food, Ice creams and Yogurts, Confectionery, Processed Foods
Green Energy Division
Solar Water Heaters, Solar Pumps, Solar Lights, Solar Power Pack, Solar PV Power Plant, Bio Gas Power Plant
Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, Turnkey Projects, Solar Pumping Systems, Complete Solar/Biogas, Hybrid Power Plant
Sheet Division
PVC Free Foam, PVC Celuka, PVC Rigid
Advertising, Interior Designs, Industrial, Building & Construction, Marine Industry, Transport

Agri Input Division

Hi-Tech Agri Inputs

  • Evolve Open Pollinated & hybrid high Total Soluble Solid onion varieties.

  • Standardise farm agronomic practices for higher resource productivity.

  • Introduce selection of virus-free high yielding banana clones.

  • Develop new varieties of pomegranate for quality fruit & juice and multiplication of disease-free plants through tissue culture.

  • Evolve new cultivation methods like Ultra High Density Plantation and associated techniques for Mango, Guava, Citrus, Cashew, etc.

  • Standardization and economic analysis of using Micro Irrigation System for food grain crops like rice, wheat, pigeon pea, groundnut, soybean, etc.

  • Selection and evaluation of processable orange varieties cultivation.

Agri-Processed Products

  • Develop economic onion preservation practices.

  • Establish natural ripening process preserving flavours.

  • Selection of new mango cultivars/hybrids for regular bearing & higher yields and prevention of die back.

  • Explore better nutraceutical property aonla cultivars.

  • Develop process for citrus & pomegranate juices.

  • Develop dehydrated fruits.

Irrigation & Plastic Piping

  • Collaborative research on fertigation and irrigation scheduling with national & international institutes.

  • Modernization of canal regulation for on demand water supply.

  • Corrugated Large Diameter (upto 3000 mm) PE & PP Pipes.

  • Inline automatic Screen & Media Filter

  • Pressure compensating drip tape

  • Development of low energy, low pressure drip irrigation system.

Plastic SheetsValue added product development like, wooden finish, laminated, co-extruded and building products.

Micro Irrigation Division

Drip Irrigation

On-Line: LLDPE is extruded using a co-extrusion process to produce the multi layer polytube. Another extruder is used for marking yellow color twin stripes as our registered trademark.

In-Line: During tube extrusion the Turbo in-line emitters are inserted inside the tube at pre-determined intervals.

Moulded Parts: Emitters, Poly / PVC fittings, valves and various components of MIS are moulded in-house using different polymers on close loop micro-processor controlled injection moulding machines.

Filtration & Fertigation Equipments: Screen filters, Disc filters and fertigation tanks are manufactured both in plastic and metal. Media filters and Sand separators are manufactured in metal.

ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 Certified Company by TUV NORD, Germany.

Salient Features Increases crop yields and saves water. Useful even for problematic terrains, soil & water. Improved pest, disease and weed control. Effective for Orchard, Tree crops, Agroforestry crops, Plantation crops, Medicinal plants, Bio-fuel crops, Field crops, Vegetables, Pulses, Oil seeds, Sugarcane, Cotton and other row crops.

Sprinkler Irrigation

HDPE Granules are used for the extrusion of pipes and injection moulding of fittings. Metal risers and sprinklers are fixed on saddles. All fittings are butt fusion welded to the barrel pipes.

ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 Certified Company by TUV NORD, Germany.

Salient Features: Unique, Quick-Connect joint design ensures positive locking and leak-proof joints. Resistant to UV Rays & impact. Suitable for extreme site conditions.

Greenhouses, Poly & Shadehouses

Construction of state of the art hot dipped galvanized Lipped channel structures, Lipped Channel cum Tubular structures and desired Galvanized steel tubular structures with roofing and walling of UV stabilized, diffused, IR, anti-fog/ Anti Drip (Multilayer) polyethylene film 200 micron or polycarbonate sheet (single- 1/ 1.2 mm) or multiwall (Double wall 6 mm/ 8mm/10mm), complete with cooling, heating, ventilation, irrigation, humidification, soilless media trough and control systems, seedling trays, benches, boomer, PAR lamps (manual, semi-automatic or fully computerized) for creating controlled environment so as to achieve higher productivity of cash and high value crops.

Salient Features Different models for varied zones, climates, crop and applications; turnkey assignments with integrated single source supply, design of structure and climatology, agronomic and irrigation knowhow, prefabricated nut-bolt structure, easy to assemble and dismantle, can withstand 120-140 kmph wind speed. Increased productivity reduced operating cost, leading to better commercial viability.

Tunnels, greenhouses, poly houses (Naturally Ventilated) and net houses are economical substitutes for creating semi- controlled environment for increasing yields, compared to open farm production systems.

Piping Division

PVC Pipes & Fittings

PVC Resin is mixed with other required chemical additives to form a ready-mix for Extrusion into Pipes. The compound gets plasticized inside the extruder barrel and pushed forward by the screw. The die and mandrel shape the molten mass and the calibrator fixes the size. The extruded pipe, cooled and hardened through cooling tanks and is pulled by the haul-off continuously. The cutter cuts off pipes in required lengths.

Fittings Process :PVC resin mixed with required chemical additives is fed into the hopper of injection moulding machine and gets plasticized as it passes through the barrel. The molten plastic is then injected into the mould cavity in measure quantity. After cooling, the component is ejected and the next cycle starts.

ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 Certified Company by TUV NORD, Germany.

Salient Features Light weight, Easy to handle, Non-corrosive, Long life, Rigid but strong, Highly economical.

PE / PP Pipes & Fittings

Polymer granules and masterbatch is fed into the extruder. The melt in the extruder barrel pushed by screw passes through die & mandrel acquiring pipe shape. The calibrator fixes the size and cooling through the tanks makes the pipes rigid. These pipes are then either rolled into coils or cut into suitable lengths.

Fittings Process: The Polymer granules and masterbatch are fed into the injection moulding machine. These get heated and melted through the barrel. The screw pushes the molten mass into the mold cavity after mold closure. On cooling, the component is ejected and another cycle begins.

ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 Certified Company by TUV NORD, Germany.

Column & Casing Pipes & Fittings

  • Anti-Corrosive. PVC being an inert material most of the chemicals found in soil and water do not affect the pipe.

  • Continues outside Ribs increase permeability by keeping gravel pack away from slot opening.

  • Chemical rehabilitation possible when chocking occurs due to encrustation.

  • Horizontal slots enable laminar flow into the well reducing well entrance losses. and no sand pumping.

  • Higher permeability reduces draw down and results in saving in pumping energy.

  • Right choice of Slot width 0.2mm to 3.00mm according to aquifer particle size.

  • Light in Weight. Easy to install.

  • The socket and spigot with suitable thread require no welding equipments and generator for jointing.

Casing & Screen Standard : Manufactured conforming to IS:12818, DIN 4925 (part I to III) and ASTM F480 & company std.

CPVC & UPVC Pipes & Fittings

CPVC Salient Features

  • Manufactured from high quality NSF Approved CPVC Coumpond.

  • Compound is tested safe for potable water application.

  • Wide range of working temperatures and pressures.

  • Low thermal expansion.

  • Smooth inner wall, no scale build-up or erosion.

  • Long life – as CPVC does not build scale or corrode.

  • Excellent impact strength.

  • Light in weight, easy to Install.

  • Energy efficient, low insulation cost.

  • Excellent fire resistant characteristics.

  • Durability and long term reliability.

  • Non-Toxic-Lead free.

CPVC Standard Jain Plumbing CPVC pipes are manufactured to IS 15778, from specially formulated compound conforming to or exceeding the requirements of CPVC compound of cell classification “ D.P.110- 2-3-2 “ as per IS 15225.

UPVC Plumbing Pipes & Fittings

Jain Plumbing high quality UPVC ASTM Plumbing pipes and fittings are manufactured in line with major international standards and parameters. The range encompasses both Solvent Welded and Threaded piping pertaining to various applications from residential and commercial to industrial plumbing.

UPVC Standard Jain Plumbing UPVC pipes are manufactured to ASTM D 1785 (for SCH 40, 80 & 120 Pipes) & IS4985 for Fittings are manufactured to ASTM D4267 (SCH80) & IS 7834.

SWR & UDS Pipes & Fittings

SWR Pipes: Pipes are available from 40mm to 160mm OD Available in Rubber Ring and Solvent type Joint 160mm also available in Clip-ring Joint TYPE A - Used for Ventilation & Rain-water System. TYPE B - Used for Soil & Waste Discharge System Various lengths from 0.6 m. to 6.0 m. available on request

SWR Fittings Fittings are available in 75,90,110 &160mm OD Available in Rubber Ring and Solvent type Joint. 160mm also available in Clip-ring Joint.

SWR Pipe Standard: Jain Plumbing SWR pipes are manufactured to IS 13592 & Fittings IS 14735

UDS Pipe Standard: Jain Plumbing UDS pipes are manufactured to IS 15328, BSEN 1401.

Food Division

Onion & Vegetable Dehydration

  • Four Processing facilities worldwide

  • Two processing facilities in India, one located at Jalgaon, Maharashtra, another at Vadodara, Gujarat.

  • Two facilities in United State of America one at Oregon State and other at California.

  • Special varieties of Onion & Vegetables are contract grown in the vicinity of the dehydration plants.

  • Cultivation and harvesting is supervised by our agronomists, who also provide agronomical guidance to the contract growers.

  • Raw Onions and vegetables are harvested, graded and then transported to the plants.

  • All of the raw material on receipt, undergoes to stringent quality checks, only accepted quality raw material is fed to the plant or stored in the climate controlled storages for future processing.

  • Onion/vegetables are cleaned, inspected, washed and then transported to the main processing plant by a special water flume system.

  • Onion/vegetables are washed once again, peeled, washed, inspected and then cut to required sizes.

  • Cut onion/vegetables are then dried gently using hot air to retain all the natural taste, flavour and nutrients.

  • Dried product is then milled to make different fractions like flakes, granules, powder etc, depending on customer application and requirement.

  • Finished product is then passed through metal detector, colour and laser sorter, before being packed and store in cool storages.

Raw Material

  • White Onion, Red Onion, Garlic, Leek, Bell Pepper, Paprika, Tomato & Spinach.

Production Process Fresh chilled onion

  • Raw onions are graded, cleaned, washed and then transported to the processing plant.

  • Onions are subjected to Peeling, topping and tailing, sanitised and packed in bulk pouches.

  • Fresh prepared packed onion is then stored in the chilled storages.

Fruit Processing

Processing Facilities: Three Facilities in India, one located at Jalgaon, Maharashtra, the other two at Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh.

Raw Material: Mango, Banana, Papaya, Guava, Pomegranate, Aonla (Indian Goose-berry), Tomato, Jamun, Strawberry etc.

Production Process: Aseptic, Frozen, Canned and reduced moisture Frozen.

Fruits are harvested at the peak of their maturity and transported to our modern processing plants.

All raw materials are checked on receipt for quality and only good quality raw material is washed, crated and stored in the climate controlled ripening chambers for optimum ripening under controlled conditions.

The ripened fruits are washed with sanitizer, inspected and washed again with potable water before feeding to the plant.

The fruits are either hand or machine peeled, de-seeded and then pulped.

The pulp is pre-heated to inactivate enzymes, passed through a decanter-centrifuge and a deaerator.

In case of concentrates, the deaerated puree is passed through an evaporator.

The puree or concentrate is sterilized/chilled/ pasteurized, before being packed either aseptically or frozen or canned in different pack sizes depending on the customer requirement.

The entire process ensures that the taste, colour & aroma of the fruit is retained & are close to as is natural product.

Finished product is stored at low temperature.

Production Process-IQF

Raw fruits are harvested, graded & then transported to the plants.

All raw materials are checked on receipt for quality and only good quality raw material is washed, crated and stored in the climate controlled ripening chambers for optimum ripening.

The ripened fruits are washed with sanitizer, inspected and washed again with potable water before feeding to the plant.

The fruits are then hand peeled, cut into slices & de-seeded.

The de-seeded fruit slices are either directly frozen or taken to a dicer to make the required size of dices before being frozen.

The frozen slices/dices are then inspected and passed through a metal detector before being packed and stored frozen.


‘FarmFresh’ fruit pulps and concentrates are used in a variety of applications e.g. fruit juices, nectars and other fruit based beverages. Ice-creams, yogurts, confectioneries and other applications.

‘FarmFresh’ Frozen Fruit & Vegetable Products are also used in a variety of applications e.g. Fruit salads, Yogurts, Ice-creams & other applications.

Green Energy Division

Jain Solar Water Heaters

Automatic mechanical machine shop with hydraulic power press, press brake, cutting, bending and rolling machines, circle cutting, TIG/MIG/ Resistance welding M/cs , Shot blasting machine and PUF insulation machine for tanks.

Automatic special purpose brazing & LASER welding machine and assembly lines for collector manufacturing.

Solar collector is manufactured using selectively coated sheet / fins brazed to the copper headers, housed in an aluminum frame supported by pre coated sheet on the back side with insulation and fitted with toughened glass on the front side.

Jain Solar Photovoltaic Appliances

Solar Photo-Voltaic, (SPV) module is made up of a grid of mono/multi crystalline silicon solar cells laminated between tedlar, EVA sheet and toughened glass.

IEC61215 & IEC61730 certified.

MNRE approved models are available.

Efficient charge controller built in luminary.

Automatic battery cut-off after full charge and deep discharge.

Pollution-free and eco-friendly

No maintenance & running costs for solar pumps.

Facility is Certified for ISO 9001:2008, ISO 140001:2004, ISO 18001:2007 by TUV NORD CERT GmbH, Germany.

Jain Solar Surface / Submersible Pumps

IEC61215 & IEC61730 certified solar photovoltaic modules.

Advanced technology of BLDC.

Pump set made of premium stainless steel material.

Solar Pump controller with MPPT (maximum power point tracking), protection against overload, reverse polarity, etc.

Remote monitoring (optional)

Solar pumps are certified by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Govt. of India, New Delhi.

Facility is Certified for ISO 9001:2008, ISO 140001:2004, ISO 18001:2007 by TUV NORD CERT GmbH, Germany.

Jain Solar Photovoltaic Module (Panels)

Jain Photovoltaic Modules are made from high efficiency Multi Crystalline solar cells interconnected in series and encapsulated in high transmission textured toughened glass using UV stable Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) sheets and premium quality Backsheet then framed with anodized aluminum frame with holes for ease of installation.

State of Art manufacturing Facility.

Positive power tolerance of modules in all ranges.

Performance warranty of 25 years as per International norms.

Modules are as per the MNRE, GoI specifications and designed to meet International Standards.

Certified as per International Standards IEC 61215, IEC 61730 & IEC 61701.

Pollution-free and eco-friendly.

Manufacturing facility certified to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14000:2004, BS OHSAS 18001:2007 and EN ISO 50001:2011 by TUV NORD CERT GmbH, Germany

Bio-Gas Power Plant

Anaerobic Digestion: The process of organic matter decomposition in the absence of oxygen with the help of bacteria.

Biogas is 55-70% methane (CH4) and 30-45% of carbon dioxide (CO2). It is produced during anaerobic fermentation of organic matter and is due to the bacterial metabolism. By property, biogas is similar to lean natural gas. Biogas is also well known as sewage gas, marsh gas, gobar gas, landfill gas, etc.

Biogas can be used for : Electricity generation using biogas engine / generator., As natural gas after purification., For combustion and production of heat and light., As vehicle fuel after purification.

Advantages : Eco-friendly., Renewable in nature., Zero CO2 emission., Clean combustible fuel. Can be used for domestic and commercial applications.

Sheet Division

PVC resin is mixed with chemical additives and colour masterbatch to form a ready mix compound for extrusion process. This compound is fed into the extruder at a controlled feed rate wherein the compound is plasticized inside the extruder barrel and pushed forward by the screw. Plasticised mass is allowed to pass through the die which determines the dimensions of the sheet. Upon exit from the die the sheet is allowed to pass through the polishing rolls and is then pulled at a constant speed by haul off. Sheets are allowed to cool and then cut into required length by cross cutter.

Salient Features: • Free-Foam Sheets are available in white and 16 different colours, light weight, low density, excellent cell structure & matt finish. • Integral Foam Sheets are available in white with smooth hard surface. • Rigid PVC Sheets available in grey and white with Smooth glossy surface. • PVC coex sheets are available with rigid Glossy finish as well as smooth matt finish on one side or two sides. •PVC sheets are environmentally friendly and does not contain any hazardous material.

ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & BS OHSAS 18001 Certified Company by TUV NORD, Germany.



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