Founder’s Conviction

The Founder – Bhavarlal Jain, inherited farming instincts from his agrarian family. As a first generation entrepreneur, he also had hands–on experience about every aspect of farming.

His keen desire and determination to use science and cutting edge technology for the development of agriculture, propelled him on the path to growth.

The past five decades of his life, he lived and worked with the following convictions:

In India, 60% of about 1.2 billion people are associated with agriculture. Farming symbolizes their culture, apart from being their livelihood.

Transformation of our agrarian society into a full industrial society may take centuries. In the meantime, there is no escape from taking the help of Science & Technology for agriculture, agri–business and agri–industry.

Such an approach alone can ensure long–term food security, sustainable & inclusive growth and self–reliance.

No other sectors progress, howsoever phenomenal, can ever substitute the development of agriculture.

There is no gainful agriculture without irrigation. Availability and management of water holds the key for future agricultural progress–its production and productivity. "More Crop Per Drop®" should not just be our promise, but should become a national priority.

To alleviate the challenges that are ailing indian agriculture, the only way ahead appears to be comprehensive technological

intervention through biotechnology, microbiology nanotechnology & Information and communication technologies (ICT). Integrated Irrigation Solutions will find pride of place in this basket of technologies.

With the increased agri–output, agriculture will not remain viable without value addition through processing and the development of cold chain, proper market linkages and information flow.

In todays context, availability of water by itself does not guarantee higher production or productivity. One needs supply of good quality, reliable and sustainable energy to pump the water to the farm boundary and thereafter distribute the same to the root zone of the crop. Green energy alone can be the reliable energy source for sustainable agricultural growth.

In a fast changing scenario, adoption of precision farming practices will be the need of the hour; they will help and equip the farmer with better decision making options, link him to the markets, provide information about farm operations and offer forecast about possible climatic variations.

A corporation should understand and appreciate social issues and problems and must proactively take part in the societys progression through the process of shared value, inclusive growth and social consciousness. Briefly stated, we must take a holistic view of our business as well as environmental and societal imperatives. They are inseparable.

Do not ever compromise on quality and customer satisfaction, even in the face of grave production problems. A customer will accept half the delivery, but not half the quality.

Once we share a common direction and team spirit, we can reach the destination quicker and easier.

Excellence can be achieved only through innovative approaches and an ability to take greater risks, or through original thinking and action.

Incorporate sustainability in every part of your life, starting by sowing the seeds of sustainability with examples of your own behaviour.

Hard work, integrity, and a keen social conscience can alone underwrite a sustainable and successful career and life.



Bhavarlalji Hiralalji Jain (Bhau)
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