Education & Background

Shri Bhavarlal Hiralal Jain (Bhau) was born in Wakod, Jalgaon district, Maharashtra on 12-12-1937. His forefathers hailed from Rajasthan. Bhau’s father, Hiralalji, was the first family member born in Maharashtra. From the recorded history, it is established that the family migrated from Rajasthan to Wakod in the 1890s. The migration was compelled due to long spells of drought and unbearable conditions in Rajasthan. It is probable that from 1860 to 1900, millions of people died of hunger and starvation. Left with no options, his forefathers migrated to Maharashtra for a better life. They reached Maharashtra with the hope that at least their future generations would live in peace and prosperity. Thus adversity played an important role in shaping their character and making them resilient.

Bhau’s primary schooling was at Wakod, later he went to Jalgaon to complete his schooling. He passed his Secondary School Certificate Examination from Raosaheb Rupchand School, Jalgaon in 1957. He completed his B.Com degree from the University of Bombay in 1961 and further proceeded to complete his LL.B degree at the Government Law College, Churchgate, Bombay in 1962.

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Bhavarlalji Hiralalji Jain (Bhau)
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